oh oh…climbing up to 71

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It looks like the numbers have responded to me calling them out--of the roughly 195k cases considered closed, the numbers are now 71% recovered 29% dead. Still not the small .5 or 5 or whatever percent these liars said the mortality rate would be. I wish upon a star that they would be honest with us, but you know what they say about wishing, or rather what my dad did---wish in one hand, shit in the other, see which one fills up faster.

Now I have absolutely read the different realities people are living in accordance with their political views and the ignorance that leads people also left us with the dumbest and least empathetic and ill-prepared President we have ever had. And so there is probably no hope for America. We will likely lose a few million before this thing is done because I am convinced part of America has a death wish, and part of it will suffer from the death wishes and ignorance running rampant in one part of America. I really do wish we would separate into the working vs non working parts. It is absolutely true part of America suffers from stupidity and ...

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arrogance has a price

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So here I am writing on the last Monday in April, close enough to the unleashing of many of these measures we've taken, because people are weak and ultimately, the price we will pay for that weakness is death. I have watched the numbers since February--and the recovered rate seems to be hovering between 65-68% with very little variance, so when people are talking about the mortality rate, it looks like they aren't referencing those who get the illness, but those people relative to the total in the population.

They lie because look great you all did with the fucking social distancing measures, meant to protect me, your parents, your grandparents and every other friend or neighbor you don't know would not do well getting it.


Granted, one would expect, with all of these new therapies like injecting Lysol to shooting moonbeams out your asshole, that some of these figures would change, but clearly we are still running at a pretty high mortality for those who get it. If you take that simple math and even if you improve it to 25% that's more than 217k+ dead up to 331k gone from this earth. ...

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It’s 2020 and injecting Lysol is a thing…

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Goodness guys. What the heck is going on with the world right now? It would appear the world has gone caaa-razy. The thing that actually occurred to me this morning when reading sobering news about the vaccine and also realizing that HIV, far less contagious, certainly has NO vaccine, that I am once again relegated to the uncomfortable but familiar place of feeling like I am hearing a time bomb ticking-this time it isn't in my chest, it's just there, hovering over me like a sad cloud waiting to get me. I suppose that is what happens when you are fighting an invisible thing you cannot see, not that I could see the inner workings of my heart, either.

Moonbeams and lysol never helped anyone when ingested, just a quick reminder. Don't do it!

Also--the damn dog drawing is less than 24 hours from done so I can start building my two websites I got in the midst of this crap--coronaprone and coronabalona --now the thing is, I realize given the far off solution of the vaccine coming to fruition that that coronaprone one might, might be a little more valuable given it might allow people to self-identify as being ...

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