88 days

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I haven't seen Don in 88 days as of today. I have been mostly alone since my birthday, which was the day he flew away to his new job. Today he is coming home and part of me was like, hmm....should I write all of my goodbyes now...should I pre-write them for a possible later date? Then the other part of my head is like nahhh...if you write them it might turn the tide more towards Covid coming into your house. If you simply believe it is all okay, it will be all okay. It will have to be okay. Now we aren't living in some super dense city, but unlike a good part of America, I don't believe the virus discriminates on party lines or rural vs city--whomever has it doesn't do a pre-registration of being a city person only allowed in city places or a rural person never going to any city.

I did consider the full 14 day quarantine for him but he has promised me he has worn his mask just as vigilantly as I have, but there is also the fact that I am deathly afraid of the virus so I would never ever ...

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echo hijab

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So I am not sure I wrote about this really ever, but I did decide there were some cultures better prepared to cover the mouth and nose, and quite fashionably, so I got some hijabs. No, I definitely did. I am not muslim, but the covering of the hair and mouth seemed to be a good strategy to accomplish with some already made garments. I get some fashion colors--black, red, mustard and pink, and everything but the black is a two piece with a kind of tube for the mouth and nose and a head covering to cover all of the hair.

Tomorrow I have an echo scheduled and it's not the first one in the day--but I figured if I am triple careful and fashionably paranoid I might be able to get out of it without catching anything. So it will be a hijab, a filter for the mouth made from some vaccum bags and then the N99 on top. And my hair will be covered and when I get home I will be stripping at the door to throw all of my clothing into the wash and onto the shower.

I am pretty much convinced I will ...

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It’s the last day of April 2020

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Yup and yup. I am maybe a week away from seeing Don so things are slowly coming together for us. By then it will be what--80 something days without seeing or touching anyone. Like I've told Don, the dog is the only reason I know anybody at this point. But certainly we aren't touching and are staying far enough away from each other that it's still a no contact world largely. The dogs he sees are his friends and I hope to never be regretful there, but again, it's windy if I am out. I am calling it now--increased and continued airflow and filtration is a business opportunity that is being missed right now. So you literally see people not believing in masks to wearing them to their mailboxes on windy days. Definitely not necessary, but people aren't always smart.

He told me they will pay him for 40 hours through June likely, which will be a good opportunity for us to save some cash for later. Rent getting paid doesn't seem problematic until June or maybe the end of summer if we really buckled down. That means insurance through June for us as well which ...

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