It’s World Kindness Day

Speaking of that, I resigned from my job yesterday. A job I had for 6+ years. On top of it being the only job I have kept for more than 3 years ever, it was something I really enjoyed doing. I enjoyed the people I worked with, the selling process, all of it that involved…

when cruelty is the point

People never cease to surprise me at the levels of the cruelty they are willing to immerse themselves into to show you just what a piece of shit they think you are. I battle people all the time on healthcare rights and even basic things like, don’t tell me what to do with my body….

pro-tip for the dying

I have no idea why I went looking for mortality rates for people with the defective gene I have, but I did. And I already seem to have beaten the mean age of death (think it’s 36). Now, I am always the person up for a challenge, the person trying to prove people wrong, the…

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