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I have half-written maybe 4 different postings over the past week on everything from my wedding anniversary and income increases since 2017 and honestly, it's been hard to push the post button when it's usually a situation of attention span. We have this giant tv. It is huge 72 inches and right now it's playing Moving Art on Netflix and it's not 4K, but geeze world. I have this idea for a business plan to help alleviate these needs, but I did read something earlier that suggested that people addicted to social media including the internet, instagram and the other stuff have brains similar to drug addicts. That is why I do the painting and printmaking classes I do right now. I was working in a purely technical aspect of travel, booking and helping people with their tours all over the world, spoke over the phone, never saw anyone. And to be honest I don't care that much about the never seeing anyone areas though there's a missing element of human connection I suppose. Most days it is nobody but maybe Duke's doggy friends or just Don, on Skype. I go to the grocery store frequently because I ...

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Printmaking and snow drifts

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Well, then. Looks like I am actually spending a lot of time with women who are retired taking these art classes that I am. I suppose it's easier to take them with older people precisely because they don't have the same starry-eyed expectation the young have with regards to where they'll go. Yesterday we carved some rubbery mats and this next week we are sketching on plexiglass which I am actually very interested in the outcomes of--I mean come on--I have my own sketching scratchy style so I would imagine my print will come out a little different than some. I wish I had access to the drive on Don's--he's got all my good photos from my trip to Europe I would totally love to paint. But I do think ultimately I might have more luck trying to dig through what I have or take a trip downtown to get a few new ones before my classes. I am pretty ready to continue my enjoyment and figure my shit out with these classes-next month is WordPress. Then hopefully I can get the sewing stuff done and start working on my table for next year's Christmas markets. I need ...

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3 weeks and back in town

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Nebraska is Nebraska. It's prettier than Kansas but I have a hard time rationalizing the need or want to be there, I guess, beyond job necessities. I went to see him there, his job puts him out of the house for about 12 hours every day and I'd bet his loneliness sometimes eclipses mine. I am desperately lonely, probably like a few of you. More than a few of you have children to occupy the time in your thoughts for the space in mine for him and our life. I sometimes pray for a quick solution, a way to make our lives better rather than be a drain on resources. For me this requires I figure some shit out. Being out there didn't mean I used my time truly effectively. A small room without all my tools was a little harder to endure as was the grey that seemed to pervade the days. There isn't a lot of sun--it's kind of the skyline of the eastern part of the country with less moisture in the air. Less beauty in the landscape. There are farms, sure, pretty patches of the thumbs of the earth's lungs, jutting out in patches ...

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