dogs aren’t cheap

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Well, one thing I can say about moving back to the East coast is there is a heck of a lot more to get dogs sick here. In Colorado the worst you'd have to worry about is burned paws because the asphalt can get that hot. Or, of course, a dog attack, but most of the things that happen can be largely in your control. Here, maybe not so much.

The dog has been pretty much sick since we got here. He's been oscillating between acting like he's absolutely miserable to absolutely scratching the shit out of himself. I thought it was the shock of the move, losing his doggy and people friends, me crying because I have no friends, well the excuses I had for his changed behavior were endless. And good luck getting a dog appointment in the pandemic so easily--I made one weeks ago and we went yesterday. Now, Duke is perhaps the most floofy of the floofers, the sweetest dog really there is. He actually took it all much better than me, though the shock $530 bill at the end of it all, my tears pleading it down from close to $900 left me in ...

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