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Wow, I feel like an absolute ass. The more classes I take, the more I learn my mistakes haven't been small or insignificant. They are huge, massive misses in a world where I have had access to all the tools but haven't been able to figure out how to use them correctly.

All good, I'm finally figuring this out and I have a lot of entries written for the coronabalona site and some others. This will not look ANYTHING like it does right now by the end of the year as my next classes are WordPress ones. I want to kick myself square in the jaw for letting several of my genius sites go over the years--because all I had to do was take some classes instead of begging people for favors when they had their own shit to do. My brain doesn't work as well for self-directed lessons as it does with direct instruction--my attention span is pretty damaged from all the strokes I've had and now I am just nervous this next surgery is going to wreck whatever good brain matter I have left and ruin everything. I have the next test on 11/30 and we will ...

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