so apparently I’ve been doing this ALL wrong

Published November 15th, 2020 in 2020 | No Comments ยป

I have been taking those classes lately and realized nobody gives a fuck about reading my daily musings for the most part. I guess, sure, some of you might be slightly amused over the years but generally speaking, the past's interpretation or really my own regarding a blog being an online diary isn't what people use blogs for anymore. Who knew? Apparently everyone but me but I never really read anyone else's blogs, admittedly.

The blog is a tool to help or redirect to selling something. I know, I know, as I have pointed out to friends before, Captain Obvious strikes again. I want to help people, of course, but reading about my shitty family situation or whining about life isn't exactly fucking helpful to most people. Given all of the stuff happening in the world with corona and the newly minted heart patients and my own experiences with heart surgery and strokes and the rest, I think I have a lot more tools to help than I might have initially realized.

With that being said, I am speaking with a new rockstar surgeon about the valve. He read the reports and was shocked I was still pretty coherent, alive ...

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