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Well, one thing I can say about moving back to the East coast is there is a heck of a lot more to get dogs sick here. In Colorado the worst you’d have to worry about is burned paws because the asphalt can get that hot. Or, of course, a dog attack, but most of the things that happen can be largely in your control. Here, maybe not so much.

The dog has been pretty much sick since we got here. He’s been oscillating between acting like he’s absolutely miserable to absolutely scratching the shit out of himself. I thought it was the shock of the move, losing his doggy and people friends, me crying because I have no friends, well the excuses I had for his changed behavior were endless. And good luck getting a dog appointment in the pandemic so easily–I made one weeks ago and we went yesterday. Now, Duke is perhaps the most floofy of the floofers, the sweetest dog really there is. He actually took it all much better than me, though the shock $530 bill at the end of it all, my tears pleading it down from close to $900 left me in a state and still upset about everything else, of course. The best thing I’ve done in the past few years is getting him dog health insurance–they pay 90% after you hit the deductible, which is ironically as much as the human deductible per person of the policy Don and I have at $250 each. I hit that last month with the dog getting bitten so though I have drained all of my cash and credit reserves now, it’s good to know I will have the cash eventually mostly back in my account in the next few weeks to replenish the credit I have just drained out. He had an infection on his skin, and yes, flea dirt was found, and now he has to be on flea and heartworm medicine for life, which is not something we ever had to deal with in Colorado. Good thing Don and I didn’t get infested, as that would never have been fun at all.

I suppose I invested in the classes just in time, as the difference I paid I never would have been able to reason with the dog getting sick as he did. It does mean nothing fun for me, and the teeth I need fixed clearly aren’t going to get the help I planned for them. All good, luckily they haven’t cracked off into my mouth in a bit and the estimates for the two we planned are easier to reason for later on knowing that. You have never lived until you’ve been chewing and had pieces of you crumble into your mouth like bone brittle. Don is dealing with that now, so I can’t really ask for my teeth to be done when his are doing that. It is the most jarring thing to actually eat pieces of yourself, though it’s always accidental.

On top of the fact that happened, looks like my shit period is going to come and wreck standing in election day lines for me this year. The day after I have an appointment to deal with that reproductive crap in the office of the women’s clinic. You know it’s always fun going to the doctor to deal with that while you will be literally gushing blood, but perhaps a tangible example is needed to really emphasize the experience. Either way, it’s not going to be fun at all. Waiting in line is going to be one thing, and I am sure I will be disappointed. He will win, I am guessing. In a few years when social security is drained and nobody gets to retire. well, people did it to themselves. The irony of people with aortic dissection voting for someone who will be singularly responsible for getting rid of all social security to let the sick die as their family’s responsibility is not something I can comprehend at all. But, if that is what people want, let them have it.

At this point I predict we will have to have 2-3 million dead for the non-believers to understand that the fake virus was as real as any–that would require a good 20-50 million get infected, which at a rate of 100k per day would only take a year and a half. Remember when I said 2023 was our next good year? Yeah, that is why. Americans are just too stupid and ignorant for anything better. No country is going to let us come visit until then, I predict, unless you have the means, meaning a ton of cash and a private jet to get there. So, get used to America, Americans. Nobody wants us, and rightly so. China gets to lead now, which is too insane to believe, but absolutely is going to happen with a surety now.

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