echo no-yo

Published May 27th, 2020 in 2020 | No Comments ยป

Ugh, world. Why do you have to fuck with me universe--I feel so lucky as is it would seem teasing out extra is a definite risk. My most recent echo came to fuck me with a nice dose of holy shit, you might have just a year to live to, holy shit, they might want to get this done this summer, to holy shit, I might want to push it out a year or two. If you don't know me well, one of my mantras is--"life always happens when you're making other plans."

So now, well let me explain first what happened. So I had my little virtual follow-up to my echo which was fine, though they kind of slipped in a nasty piece of news in the last few minutes. I started my question with--well, I read the report, didn't look too alarming to me but what do I know? I guess I know nothing, actually, so won't try that again. The, where did you get your surgeries questions came again to town and she suggested we have a surgical consult because it appears St Jude has left me scarred and needs a replacement. I asked her how ...

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