88 days

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I haven't seen Don in 88 days as of today. I have been mostly alone since my birthday, which was the day he flew away to his new job. Today he is coming home and part of me was like, hmm....should I write all of my goodbyes now...should I pre-write them for a possible later date? Then the other part of my head is like nahhh...if you write them it might turn the tide more towards Covid coming into your house. If you simply believe it is all okay, it will be all okay. It will have to be okay. Now we aren't living in some super dense city, but unlike a good part of America, I don't believe the virus discriminates on party lines or rural vs city--whomever has it doesn't do a pre-registration of being a city person only allowed in city places or a rural person never going to any city.

I did consider the full 14 day quarantine for him but he has promised me he has worn his mask just as vigilantly as I have, but there is also the fact that I am deathly afraid of the virus so I would never ever ...

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