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I am a slight superstitious, I guess you could say, because things sometime have a way of running off the lines of the paths I've tried to set up. Clearly this is not just something I am afflicted with right now since so many are now joining me, but yes, Don is home, and no, neither one of us appears to have the virus though I've gotten a slight ballsy lately and have gone to the grocery store twice inside, over the past few weeks. It's more about ensuring his convenience and comfort, because previously my go-to solution was order it, pick it up with my trunk popped open and go home to disinfect.

Going to the grocery store right now is its own perfect traumatic experience--people are generally afraid and tend not to invade pockets of space for very long at all--it's like an adult game of lava where everyone is kind of qberting up the aisles, everyone is in a mask with varying degrees of horror and violence implied. Mine is the real deal--looking more like the Bane mask, I've been told, than anything delicate, but it is an N99 so its construction lends to a ...

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