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I am bleeding to death which has made this whole accomplish something task a bit harder to bear as of late. I don’t want to give myself too much space to fuck off but I do–bleeding to the level I am in unpleasant. To stand there and feel a whoosh and be afraid you are about to have buckets of blood explode down your leg? Not fucking fun at all. But not really much of an inconvenience compared to much that a lot of people are having to endure as citizens of this dumpster fire of a country.

Yesterday I did spend some time passed out in bed during a pretty lovely afternoon but sometimes sunny day naps are what’s on the menu. I felt a slight better but I can admit my body is almost breaking down right now. I am thinner than most people because food to me is no comfort. Comfort would be Don coming home, but that’s still a few weeks out. So I will resign myself to absolute discomfort physically and emotionally until he does return. I am basically half starving to death most days. Sure there are easy solutions, usually a pound of mandarins at least a day. Sometimes I’ll eat a hardboiled egg, sometimes I’ll eat chocolate and sometimes that is fucking it. This might explain my absolute muscle weakness and exhaustion over mild exertion on some days. Might also explain my less than clear thoughts a lot of the days, but since nobody is here to say a peep, oh fucking well. Hopefully I don’t totally lose it. I am trying not to in the best ways I can.

Yesterday I failed at the print but there is still one dog to complete which I will do today since the dog is kinda sick and won’t be demanding I do much for him today. I will lose my mind if he is a worse sick than a sad belly. Man, the way the world is aligning itself lately–if something happens to Don and Duke? Well, you might be reading about my death in the news.

What I will do is share some of my better commentary over the past few days in terms of my editorial rants–just for posterity’s sake and for the record that I actually am generally speaking on the right side of history while avoiding the trappings of being on the right. Here is one relevant to healthcare because people really have lost their ability to think. And because there is so much distraction in the world and 98% of you have kids, I have done the thinking for you. Here, here’s a morsel to chew on. Now, I did stop going to right wing newspapers and boards to debate because people are resolute and changing minds without direct experience in the issue at hand is not going to happen. But I still have my debate points ready to whip out at any given time because I have thought long and hard about a lot of shit that again, you don’t have time to contemplate. One is here:

Has it not struck you that the GOP has had 12 years to come up with a competing health plan? Maybe they have done the cost benefit analysis and realized some of you guys are worth more to state budgets dead than alive.

How could this be? There is a lot to SAVE when you neglect people to death and blame it on their own incompetence. SPENDING money to help everyone doesn’t have the same cash reward. How? Well, we hear all the time how Social Security doesn’t have enough to sustain us all. So kill people with neglect and there are some pretty big rewards to state and federal budgets with regards to SNAP and Medicaid let alone Social Security. Nobody gets those things when they’re dead, after all.

And before you try to pass my comment off as hogwash, we have proof in all of those red states that refused medicaid expansion. Why would they do that when money was set aside? Because their constituents are worth a lot more dead than alive since a lot of them are no longer contributing. So get them there faster and get that money faster. It’s not rocket science.

Now unfortunately WP has hijacked my ability to write the rest because of this bullshit Block posting which I despise. So I am done for the day and excuse all the ridiculous formatting. It’s what happens when the program thinks it knows more than you do what you want and I did not want any of this fucking block bullshit.

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