It’s 2020 and injecting Lysol is a thing…

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Goodness guys. What the heck is going on with the world right now? It would appear the world has gone caaa-razy. The thing that actually occurred to me this morning when reading sobering news about the vaccine and also realizing that HIV, far less contagious, certainly has NO vaccine, that I am once again relegated to the uncomfortable but familiar place of feeling like I am hearing a time bomb ticking-this time it isn’t in my chest, it’s just there, hovering over me like a sad cloud waiting to get me. I suppose that is what happens when you are fighting an invisible thing you cannot see, not that I could see the inner workings of my heart, either.

Moonbeams and lysol never helped anyone when ingested, just a quick reminder. Don’t do it!

Also–the damn dog drawing is less than 24 hours from done so I can start building my two websites I got in the midst of this crap–coronaprone and coronabalona –now the thing is, I realize given the far off solution of the vaccine coming to fruition that that coronaprone one might, might be a little more valuable given it might allow people to self-identify as being especially prone or sensitive to some of the worse outcomes from the virus, not that everyone knows the inner workings or can predict, but–it might allow people the ability to isolate more effectively if someone had a something that indicated they were more corona prone than the next person. Now, one thing I have since discovered is aortic dissection, at this time anyways is not listed as a higher risk group, but having a stroke, or blood clot, both of which I have had, are. Does this make sense? I don’t know because I don’t know how many people might or might not have died of this group that might have had dissections, or heart issues as the people that do die with cardiac issues are not further identified beyond that blanket reason.

Your best bet at this time is to ASSUME you are at risk, or prone to death given the general blanket reasoning, and until I get my hands on any other data which conflicts with that, the only person responsible for you IS you. I have said this repeatedly with all of the complaints about the government. I have always had to be more deliberate in my seeking of knowledge so as to protect myself as I have said repeatedly–I am one of those people worth inherently more dead than alive because of the enormous cost throughout my life in keeping me alive and above ground. You should probably assume the same given the healthcare standard in our country (that being no healthcare is the standard).

Be safe–and let’s see today’s chart just for a reference point:


New York, NJ, MA, CA, PA, IL, MI, FL, LA, CT, TX, GA are in the top spaces in that order. I stink at formatting or I would copy the numbers but I am on it. Let’s see how opening Georgia goes in 7 days and how far up those guys shoot. That is it from me for now.

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