gimme more money honey

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friday is pay day. sometimes it is the day I realize i have nothing.


i have to buy a refrigerator, get internet and eat for the next two weeks on $300. 🙁

Then the crazy accounting at Columbia somehow have it in their books that I should be able to contribute $5 grand towards my education when I made $25k during the year in question. How this was determined when the actual COST of the tuition is twice that is so beyond me I am really angry. They told me they gave all the aid away this year already and because THEY lost my forms I am being penalized for it.

On brighter notes…I watched a man fly across the English channel on jet wings this morning. That actually almost  made me cry. I have always wanted to fly, and if there were a way to do that, I certainly would.

I am a bit on edge today…like verging tears pretty much at the drop of a hat. It’s a hormonal thing I know…but it’s still sucky.


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  1. lessthangrey says:

    man that’s rough with the financial aid. you’ll figure it out though. you’re awesome like that.

    do remember hormones are intense mind controllers! i totally have the rage this morning as well. solidarity across the states in misery!

    • deanna says:

      Yeah, I wanted to be mad at the youth this morning but remembered there was nothing to be mad at him for.

      This period (of time) hahaha…is a little more tolerable than most. Everyone keeps telling me how happy and glowy I look. Little do they know I also work for a skincare company and I discover lots of little secrets all of the time which deter the aging process and make you look fancy. I am using one right now that burns all of my age spots off of my face. One day I had freckles on my face— in a few weeks I’ll only have them on my shoulders.

      as far as the financial aid…just can’t let it happen to me next year is all…

  2. Can you not call your Dad, tell him your predicament, borrow some money now, and then pay him back later?

    • deanna says:

      oh francinnamon. the man is already paying my rent. I dare not ask for another favor.

      I can do it. I just need to be uber frugal. It just sucks I can’t buy an appropriate dress for the wedding (I know it seems I have a lot of clothes but the formal shit required no longer fits), and I have four inches of roots with tinsel in them. I know it’s lame shit but it’s annoying. I could clairol it but that would be disasterous I am sure.

      Who knows?

      • Francis,

        You know that your Dad would NOT want you spread thin like this, and that he’d be happy to help, especially since you’d be paying him back as soon as your financial aid shit got sorted.

        It might be a question of having to swallow your pride and ask for help. He obviously WANTS to help you; there is nothing wrong with it.

        Whose wedding?

        • deanna says:

          No, the thing is, my financial aid shit getting sorted will only pay for my class not covered by my scholarship. so I am not waiting for anything since there is nothing to wait for.

          I can’t ask him.

          Stephanie, my sister in Colorado’s wedding.

          • Can’t ask him or won’t?

            Ah. I hope she has a nice wedding.

          • deanna says:

            No, can’t. He’s hardcore about this shit. He said he expects his kids to work for everything but rent and bills. Because my apartment was close to the limit, I told him I would pay my own utilities so I am not going to go back on that now. I pay a lot in transportation right now (up to $10 a day) and with that flex spending account pulling out $100 every check, health insurance pulling out another $125+ and every other deduction, 54 hours worked was like 500 something…I paid three bills totalling $226 and have $305 left.

            Hopefully I can just clock more hours. It was hard in weeks past because I was moving.

            Plus…I don’t want to, actually I refuse to borrow any money from anyone.

            I think she will. She’s cute 🙂

          • Well, at least your rent is covered. That means now you should be able to make some headway, start saving, etc. now that the move is officially over.

          • deanna says:

            Yes! After the refrigerator and the token food to fill it, I should be able to do that. After I pay back Eddie $700 for his plane tickets…and every other debt I have, cc and not…I should be able to break even before the end of the year and actually start saving come January.

          • Why are you concerned with paying off all of your CCs now, all at once, rather than spreading things out over time in a manner that will allow you to not be impoverished for the next 6 months?

          • (Just deleted that 2nd comment because I don’t want my financial details on the Internet, etc.)

          • deanna says:

            it’s all good Francine!!!

            love to you. I hate having debts. they are like a boogie man in my closet. I want them to be gone. So I often screw myself in order to pay them off.

          • Love back to you, Francis. XOXO

            I know you hate having debts, but seriously…it’s not worth screwing yourself to pay them off! I worry about you and would like to see you not have to stress about money for once, you know?

            Maybe just pay a little off now and more later?

            Think about it…

          • deanna says:

            I know. I just hate all of it. I hate owing money. But I am also a bit too much of a sharer I realize too.


          • Who are you sharing with? Sharing is good, as long as you’re not doing it at your own expense. XO

          • deanna says:

            nobody right now. I am just mourning my past.


          • No use mourning your past. You have a bright future ahead of you.

      • Also, this is my new favorite website:

  3. tsdk says:

    HA- you need a dress for something?? I have sizes 2-12. That is what I need the dress form from Newark for- to sell my dresses. I can’t keep them, I won’t wear them more than once or twice (yes, in that way I guess I’m Jappy- sue me)…but if you want to borrow one, I’ve got quite a few.

    Sorry about the financial aid- that sucks. 🙁

    Can you get a cheap fridge on craigslist or freecycle?

    • deanna says:


      I need to see these dresses! Do you have any photos. This wedding is formal and I didn’t want to show all of my tattoos if possible. I wished I had a little fancy jacket or something. I found cheap shit on Spiegel, but it’s terrible when you can’t afford cheapo Spiegel.

      I have been looking on and off for refrigerators. Getting it for free would rock, but I am not going to count on that.

    • deanna says:

      Depending on the dress, I could be anywhere from an 8-10 or 12. Some of my dresses are 6’s but I won’t assume I am skinny right now, food or not.


      • tsdk says:

        Sign up and it’s stuff strictly for free as far as I know. The girls on my board use it for everything.

        I doubt I have anything with sleeves- but I’ll go upstairs and go through stuff and see what I have. I’m sure you can get a wrap for like $20- even on the street- I know I’ve bought pashmina-type stuff from street vendors when I worked in the city- or Loehmanns on 7th Ave(or 8th) and 18th st.

        I’ll take some pics and email to you.

        • deanna says:


          do it! I’m excited even just to see

          • tsdk says:

            I sent the pics but it was a huge file…you may hate them all! lol. But, that’s what I have…and sadly, I’m missing some. I’m so annoyed that I can’t find the rest- I hope they didn’t get lost in the move somewhere!

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