Aortic Dissection Awareness Day is Today, Guys

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I can tell you all I felt like a bit of anomaly before I came across this group on facebook that has 2400 members. Granted I haven’t run into anyone with the exact same situations, but there are those who have had as much as me if not maybe more, who knows at the end of the day. I speak up when I feel I have accurate advice to lend, and certainly only want to present one person’s point of view through her experience.

My disease was caused by a Gene defect, ACTA2 as it is called, and I have yet to talk to anyone who has this same issue–and attempts to notify my family about it who knows if they resulted in much as I do not talk to that family any longer. I am resistant to any emotion with it at this point, given it is just a fact. I wish them well and all the considerations we allow for family members but certainly do not expect to mend any fences in the foreseeable future. The way you heal yourself, I feel, from traumatic issues is to lay it down in a series of facts and remove most emotion from it, save some overarching theme, but I do not wish to dwell on things that have nothing to do with me any longer. You gotta build yourself up when you are down and figure out a way to find peace and love and freedom with the support you have to build around you–I have a new idea for a blog I might do in tandem with the in your 40’s beauty blog–I have a clever name I am going to check on later but it’s really good I am thinking…and might be a good resource for people who are soon to be in my position, more on that later.

Back to aortic dissection awareness day–I did find this while perusing the internet-

About 20% of patients with aortic dissection die before reaching the hospital. Without treatment, mortality rate is 1 to 3%/h during the first 24 h, 30% at 1 wk, 80% at 2 wk, and 90% at 1 yr. Hospital mortality rate for treated patients is about 30% for proximal dissection and 10% for distal.

Here is something else if you do not know the difference between a dissection and aneurysm–I have had both–it was always explained to me as the layers separate and it’s like nylons running when a tear starts.

An aneurysm is a balloon-like bulge in an artery. … An aneurysm that bleeds into the brain can lead to stroke or death. Aortic dissection occurs when the layers of the wall of the aorta separate or are torn, allowing blood to flow between those layers and causing them to separate further.

Signs and Symptoms of Aortic Dissection. Aortic dissection often causes a sudden, sharp, severe pain that feels like tearing, ripping, or stabbing. The location of the pain usually depends on where the dissection occurs and how it affects nearby organs.

Not a fun thing–but most of you have found this through some search for heart surgery and maybe dissection–the site name was obvious and I do own the reverse but yeah–the whole reason I feel I am alive is because of my insane medical care and access to the best medical centers through universities in every single location I have lived, save Pennsylvania. I am also a slight lucky in many ways, though I don’t consider myself much of a warrior. I am a person who has been hurt and hurt myself through sometimes radical means–I cry I scream I laugh A LOT and I try to live the best life I can. I am launching a beauty blog for women in their 30′ and 40’s and beyond because I know a hell of a lot about skincare and treatments. I found a great shampoo and hair care routine and the makeup and skincare lines I trust I will be featuring with some emphasis on the Korean beauty lines–there is a reason their skin is so lovely and it’s not because of Noxema and just face wash. I haven’t done a thing in months besides a peel I recently got–so we will be starting off raw on 10/1 and I will quit some terrible habits to have a good before and after to contend with as time goes on–instagram yes, I am pulling that up so check back later for that name.

Don got a better job, no longer on roofs, and certainly I expect to move from the plant thieving location we currently reside in, someone having absconded with second and third best plants over the past month, the rats. Maybe downtown but he is trying to talk me into renting a house near his work which would mean another dog and never a city life again I am thinking some maybe not.

Anyways–life is bumping along. I have been taking folic acid to help stave off possible strokey situations–and now I will be ordering magnesium, as that also needs a bump up in my life. I have researched enough into both to feel like I understand certain functions and possible deficiencies, so read up on your own as nothing made me feel those would not be a help to my situation.

I feel like things will be stable enough in 4 or 5 months that my promise to Don earlier this Winter that we would not be in the same place in a year will be a true thing in so many aspects of the word–that I want a big change–I want to start focusing on making stuff and advancing the blog eventually but I kind of want to be near people, downtown somewhere–somewhere we can meet other human beings and I can start trying to network again. In a burby fort-like complex we see all over the country–sometimes it’s like an isolated little island and there isn’t a ton of opportunity to talk to people anyways, and maybe not like it would be somewhere more accessible to life. Check back later on for my updates–some of it I am still working on building and one quiet friend–J, I mean you, you gotta set me up like you promised–I can send you the WP format but pop me on skype later.

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  1. Erin Burke says:

    Hey D,

    It’s so nice to hear your words in my head! And I don’t even feel like a nutcase saying it!

    In all seriousness, sounds like things are going great for you… and nice that you’re in NYC. I am happy to hear it! I hope you can solve your moving concerns without going too far out of town… Winters have been getting freezing around here lately.

    I live over in Jersey City, still. I try to get out, but they keep pulling me back in… like the Corleone family.

    If you want to go raw on your diet, I can give you some cool recipes, and meal plans that will help you hit your protein goals and stay hydrated at the same time. I went Gangsta raw vegan for a while in 2005-2006, and I’ve never been healthier, sadly. Lol.

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