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So I have to admit, my webcam ass has not been online since I was in my 20’s. I realized that’s actually a really weird thing to get over. Now, everyone uses filters and fancy things to make themselves look great. And I am not really ready to do that simply because I don’t want to have to learn anything more than I already have to, which is just basic editing of features for length and clarity. I still am a little lost on WP formatting, which I realize I will be able to work on learning later. It just seems that there is always something in the way to my forward movement. Whereas now it is not a job, my mother has harassed me to paint a fucking barn, which is actually going just about as great as you would expect from someone who does art once every few years when their mother commissions or enlists them to do something for her. I realize this new life I am living is pretty free, but there are always obligations. I think I am on version like 6 of this stupid painting fiasco. I don’t even want to do it anymore because I am so very out of practice. But I will try, at least one, two more times to get something out to her, because the irony is not lost on me that I was told art was a stupid thing to study in school, but my ability to do it seems to be the one thing I am valued for above most other talents.

So I decided to take a little snappity snap from my webcam–the webcam I have is a 4k one I have mentioned before and I do plan on doing actual vlogs about my life, about my experiences with heart surgery, shitty health conditions, and all the great things that happen when you are stricken with a crappy disease. I definitely do not want to edit a thing image-wise, because why should I, and really, who has the time for that? Not me.

So here I am. No filter, nothing. I got some makeup on, sure, but this is my whatever face. Normally I would know how to link this via normal means, but you know, I mentioned I was lazy for certain solutions, so here it is. A rare photo of me on the phone because really, I despise most cell phones, and you will rarely catch me on any phone as of late.


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