fantastical sap and all that crap

Oh my god. Sometimes I am mildly pathetic in my weepings. It’s not that I am not grateful to those of you wandering around in my past, nope, it’s just that sometimes I make myself sick with the comparisons. I sat down last night and tried to write the poetry I was so fucking prolific…

curiouser and curiosity

I had to google that word because it looks weird. Curiouser and curiouser I wind and waiver and change my mind daily. I haven’t tried to do the copywriting seriously enough, yet, but I am at the edge of a pretty brutal time here coming up. The leg isn’t getting better and tends to wake…

assets and deficits

Man, I am really fucking hard on myself, I realize and I don’t exactly know why. I didn’t have this like super crazy upbringing which involved any discussions of success at all. It was you work, you make money. Dreams were expensive then to have, and as a result I never let myself have any….

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