sexin it up for mah bitches

it’s pretty outside I have more to say, but it’s caught in my throat like a furball more in a few

i like to anally fist chickens

that’s one of those attention getters eh? so we be chillin, yo with the phat bitches, namely my friend john and jizzy pants cuz he nawt be feelin the hottest of the hot, though he is…I have spent the past few days thinkin I wanna buy phat puters with large memory (80 g, namely), so…

…in hell with poop and eyes..eye lies lips

yea so jizephabel and I were chillin in the big nyc with each other on the lower east side…he took me out for eye-talian fooz ball and foods n shit and then we ran to another bar where we ran into a peep from orange 9 mm and burn yer bra fame, and fuckin blankity…

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