Who am I? My name is Deanna and I am an ivy league dropout. I was lucky enough to get accepted into Columbia University even after after struggling through 2 strokes and 8 heart surgeries over the course of 12 years. While I did not drop out due to any academic reasons, I did have to leave due to my own cash shortage to complete my degree.

That is exactly why I started this project. Do a Google search. You can find loads of information regarding funding and grants for people who are studying heart and stroke issues, and these organizations do seem to collect a fair amount for research and development. But they also completely neglect that there are real people who have been through these very serious surgeries and procedures whose incomes and savings have been depleted by the constant care having an illness requires.

For a while, I thought it was because just surviving was supposed to be enough. Why should you be given anything–you just kicked the odds and got your life as a gift. Everything else is cake, right? Not exactly. Some of these people do want to go to school, like me. Most of them not only struggle with the arduous strain of having to go to the doctor constantly, but also they take expensive medicines, keep health insurance (if they are lucky enough to have it), and still have to pay for the normal basics like rent and bills on top of juggling their own health concerns. I’ve done and am doing all of that (minus the insurance, unfortunately), and I could not do it any longer. I needed help, and when I couldn’t find it, I decided to implement this plan to start the ball rolling to helping fund other students afflicted with heart issues, and admittedly, help me finish my education, if not somewhere a little more affordable. Clearly my mission to help kids never did much…but the intention was there. I still have that $60k bill to Columbia I will die having not paid I am sure of it

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