hahahah…so here I am sick sick sick ick ick ick, after having watched destroyer tattoo for a couple hours I went to my buddy Jeff’s house, teeth chattering, with chicky soup…at 5 I was walking down Prince half in tears, my chattering audible, and thrwoing up because the cold hurt that much…. After flagging a…


I was hunting through my emails and found these photos from a while back and I am so annoyed with my shit right now, I am only putting these puppies up until later….that is my belly, and the reason I have issues with emulation.

because i am just that classy….

Well this is my 30th hour of non-sleep mode so everyone is funny…I went uptown with BJorn to take care of doodie and no one was SMILING…and I mean NO ONE….it’s freakin kissmas for crying out loud…so we proceeded to make manly humping sounds while I laughed at the idiots with dead eyes on the…

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