Day 2

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So, I did the thing I said I was going to do and cut myself off yesterday. Yesterday was Day 1, for some perspective. This plan was more of a Pepsi challenge of, can she do it? Can you do it I asked myself yesterday and proved to myself that, yes, I absolutely can. I cut myself off right at 1 pm my time and stayed off until 7:15. I know, 45 minutes short but keep in mind my efforts were new and also keep in mind for the girl who talks to nobody, cutting myself off for that long just really emphasizes and solidifies that isolation almost more so that had I just left it open to do what I wanted over having rules that are largely un-fun.

What did I do? I drew and ordered books and cooked a bunch. I had a Barnes and Noble gift card I got from my old job two years ago and redeemed that and then re-signed up for the BOTM club. That being Book of the Month. Now, I know a lot of snooty assholes think the books offered might not hit their high caliber of literary snoot to partake, ...

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